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LITTLEHAMPTON - MOLDAVIA What a dive! My best ever! The dive was brilliant from beginning to end. Having never done this dive before, only hearing of it, I didnít know what to expect. No words could have done this dive justice. The weather conditions were good. The visibility in the water was a good 10 metres. The depth at the stern is approximately 30 meters and nearly 50 meters to the seabed. The fish came out in force on the day and could be seen clearly trying to hide within the wreck. The wreck itself is no disappointment, with the bow still intact and lots to see. Not bad considering she sank on 23rd May 1918, Angelaís Birthday I might add, not the year, or she might be looking a bit of a wreck herself. My buddy, being Bernie and an experienced diver, made me feel quite comfortable during the dive. We dived to just over 48 metres, my deepest ever. I should have taken my spade then I could have done 50 metres. With 25 minutes bottom time we decompressed, for what seemed forever, making our total dive time 70 minutes. The decompression was worth every minute of bottom time. If I had had enough air I would have stayed longer. (Iíll have to build my muscles up for twin 15s). We were fortunate that the conditions were so good, as was the boat we dived off. Add that to the party of our club members that were there on the day, it was just perfect Elaine

Lyme Regis


Last updated: 11 March 2018

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