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Scuba diving is an adventurous sport which enables you to explore a whole new underwater world, experiencing true weightlessness.

Few people can claim to have swum with wild seals, or to have peered into a hole and seen a brightly coloured lobster peering back, yet both of these sights are typical of those available in this country, to a diver attaining the most basic of the BSAC grades. If you only wish to dive abroad, your enjoyment will be increased immensely if you complete your basic training over here, allowing you to spend all of your time enjoying the wonderful underwater world, rather than spending some of it in a classroom.

As with any adventurous sport, diving requires a formalised training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the sport. The training scheme which has been adopted by BSAC is recognised world-wide as being the most thorough and safe, and Alsager Sub-Aqua Club has impeccable credentials in this respect. We will provide you with thorough, yet enjoyable training, along with a lively social atomsphere.

There is a structured set of qualifications in the BSAC scheme. Practical training is graded so that new divers undertake their initial training in the swimming pool, while subsequent grades of diver undertake their practical training at open water sites, such as the sea, or inland quarries and lakes.

Theory lectures are normally run at Alsager Leisure Centre on Thursday evenings (8-9pm) with practical pool sessions following between 9-10pm.

Initial practical training is based on one instructor to one or two trainees. The time taken to complete this training depends on the individual, but on average is about 3 months. Our club Instructors are themselves trained under the BSAC Instructor Training Scheme, and receive no payment for the training they provide. However, they are unlikely to refuse a beer if offered!

Training does require a committment from both instructor and trainee, so if you choose to train with us, we do ask that you put the time in, and communicate with your instructor if for any reason you need to take a break from planned training exercises.

If you don't fancy Scuba diving, we can provide instruction on snorkelling - in fact even one simple pool session could increase your enjoyment of a foreign holiday no end!

Last updated: November 11, 2008

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